mighty little ones


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hannah went for her weekly mange jab yesterday and see the pretty bandage on her right paw? the poor pup chewed/licked her paw raw and half her paw pads off so her vet applied ointments, creams, powders and bundled it all up like a dumpling to protect it. like i wrote previously when you think there’s a step forward, we will take a couple back with her skin problems. le sigh. watching her limp slightly, heart pain. much. very much.

a bright spark though, her godma, joyce came to get us from the vet with mika and stella because we wanted to search for an alternative day care place for our pups. the place which i shan’t name didn’t work for us. stella shared her observation that the handlers didn’t demonstrate they were adequately trained to take care and manage their canine charges. what stood out for me was the absence of genuine love and care for the pups there and i was appalled by the ways they used to maintain ‘order’ in the common play area. what a stark contrast to the current day care place hannah and mika attend now. so the search goes on.

mika. what a girl.  what a  character. she was adopted shortly by joyce after hannah came home to me. i am really humbled by her two for opening her heart to an older dog knowing she is likely to come with a list of problems. and she wasn’t wrong. i remember vividly how painfully thin mika was when i first laid eyes on her. i could feel her ribs sticking against me as i hugged her.

pawrenthood is seldom a smooth ride, if only we should all be that lucky. soon after mika went home to joyce, she was discovered to have tick fever and heartworm. both conditions are fatal if not treated in time. this girl sure knows how to make a grand entrance. my heart ached as i listened to joyce recount how mika was trembling and i could just imagine her tiny frame tortured by them sickening parasites. by God’s grace, mika pulled through.

if hannah is an enigma, mika is an oxymoron, in the best way possible. she is approximately 8 years old (the vets could only estimate), by all counts a golden girl but behaves like a puppy. her lively demeanour belies common age-related issues. joint pains, possibility of heart murmur, and deteriorating eyesight…none of these slows her down when she is determined to play ball. how can anyone not love that zest to live in and for the moment?

looking at mika and hannah is who now undergoing treatment for manage (and still having weird skin flare-ups), i’ve learn so many lessons. they taught me that it’s ok to be brave, to laugh when tears are threatening to spill because somehow God comes through at a moment when i can’t bear it anymore. this furry duo taught me courage means making it to the next day and if things are crappy, just pee over it (they do, i don’t. i ain’t into peeing in public) and walk away. these two barely reach up to my knees and weigh a fraction of me but you know what? they are my super pups, these mighty little ones.


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