my grateful tree :: 2

i don’t know about most people but i don’t do enough to give back to society. sure i support the Cancer Prevention Society, donating a small sum monthly, visit the old folks to chat and play bingo with them in homes whenever time permits.

so today was a special day for me because part of my work day was spent at Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS). some of our team members was at MINDS to spend some time with some of their members learning how to do simple handicrafts with them. Jenny was assigned to our table to show us what to do.

making key chains is a simple task on all counts but for Jenny it took weeks to learn and memorise the precise placement of beads and sequence because her level of comprehension is not of a person with an average IQ. but she has a childlike passion to learn and most of all a genuine heart to want to do well. my utmost respect to her trainers for their patience and dedication to treading a balance between discipline and instilling life skills in Jenny and her friends.

we only spent 2 – 3 hours with Jenny. i observed our surroundings, paid attention to her, listened to her speak and watched her work. many people would say Jenny is fortunate to have us spend time with her but i beg to differ. my colleagues and i were the blessed ones. Jenny showed us how much we have to be thankful for, she demonstrated what it means to be real and exemplified living in the present.

i learnt so much from Jenny, Yong Chuan and their friends today.

thank you for your patience with me and opening your hearts to me.


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