my grateful tree :: 1

it shouldn’t have been a good day by all counts.

woke up in a tearful daze from too many vague nightmares, intense pain shooting through my right foot after enduring two weeks of annoying tenderness with every step i take.

almost blacked out on the morning walk with the pup (damn you low blood count) crossing the road no less.

wanted to take the pup to the beach with her godma and family for a run but it poured.

most of all i have been nursing an aching heart from a huge fight with the gf and missing her big time. across 4028 miles. i can’t even turn up at her doorstep to tell her ‘screw it, i don’t care if we are fighting, i just want a big hug and kiss.’ for all the technology advancement in the world, phone and video calls just don’t cut it sometimes.

i would have moped, sulked and walked in a daze all day in the past but i was determined not to let any of that lure me into a bad place today.

my pastor once said the best way to lighten one’s heart in times of unhappiness (real or self-inflicted) is to give thanks and i have found it to be true. having a thankful heart allows me to appreciate and focus on how blessed i am instead of magnifying misery.

indeed, giving thanks was the best decision i made today.

even though the pain stayed with me, i give thanks that i still have my limbs intact, i can still walk.

we chanced upon two young chaps downstairs whom i believe aren’t locals before starting our evening walk playing some stringed instruments. the melody was so beautiful and light-hearted, like a balm that soothes. my Daddy God’s timing is marvellous and marvel i did. what are the odds that i’d bring the pup out earlier than usual? one of the young men looked up and caught my eye, i smiled and thanked him for the wonderful melody. the simplest things truly move one the most sometimes.

because of the earlier downpour, the pup and i managed to have a long leisurely evening walk and enjoy the cool air. it was lovely. recovering from inflamed and sore paws deprived her of long walks and seeing her occasional goofy smiles throughout the hour-long walk made each painful step worth it.

being able to cook is one skill i am grateful to my mom for. having not eaten all day, i was ravenous by the time i sorted the pup out. whipped up a simple yet satisfying dinner of panfried lemongrass pork, sautéed brussels sprouts with fresh mushrooms with a huge bowl of rice. there is no taste like home cooked food. washed everything down with coke simply because i missed the gf (i’m still trying to wean her off from this sugar-laden-pimple-causing-what-have-you-drink). *burp*

with the pup snoring softly beside me, i couldn’t have asked for anything more…maybe having the gf on her side of the bed now…


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